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Welcome to Orange County Aikido

Orange County Aikido, The Family Dojo, is a martial arts school of aikido founded in 1964 by Harry Ishisaka, making us one of the oldest Aikido Dojos in Southern California.  Our Dojo combines the traditional feel of a Japanese Dojo with the welcoming “Aloha Spirit” of our founder.  Adults, kids, and families will find this the perfect place to feel comfortable, and challenged as well, as you progress through the art.

 ** Notices **
Members' News & Events

Thursday evenings (6:30-8:30pm) are JiuJitsu with Professor Jon!

 * This is not a stand-alone class.
    Participants must have a current
    Aikido membership.
* Kids must be 10 or older to



60th Anniversary Seminar & Party

will be held September 22nd, 2024

Limited participation due to event location sizes, details coming soon!


Aikido is for women and men of all ages, body types, and physical conditions.  In Aikido we use our oponent's energy against him, so anyone can practice this art.

Orange County Aiki Kai has a very active kid’s program, which focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Aikido and anti-bullying techniques while creating a fun and stimulating learning environment.

Find Us

Orange County Aiki Kai
640 E Katella Ave.
Orange, CA, 92867
(714) 997-4861

Also visit the Orange County Acupuncture Specialist, Michael Padilla

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