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Examinations are an important part of the martial arts experience because it shows both the student and the instructor what the student is capable of.  OC Aikido holds belt examinations at least every quarter and sometimes we will hold tests every other month.

Testing is more of a demonstration for the student allowing them to show the instructors and the other students what they have learned.  Belts, Stripes, and Certificates are then presented to the students to give them something tangible that shows their skill level.  Every student must register for the exam before they can test.  

Upcoming Test

A list of the testing details and approved applicants can be found in this document: 

Test Requirements

The testing requirements for children are different than for adults, however as both progress they end up covering the same material.  Testing requirements can be downloaded here:

Techniques Video Library

All of the "Basic Eight" test requirements are shown here in our techniques video library:

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