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We offer adult and childrens classes for all levels of students from the beginner to black belt.  Beginning, fundamental and advanced training sessions are available weekly.  While instruction is targeted to specific student groups, we encourage students to participate in as many classes as they can.  It is not uncommon for parents to join their child's classes and in fact both the children and adults benefit from this mutual training - the kids learn what it is like to have a larger oponent, and the adults learn control and how to be soft in their techniques.  As the children progress throughout the program many of them ask to join the adult classes and they are welcomed as equals.  For more information about our children and adult adult programs click on one of the buttons below:


We have a special relationship with Cal State Fullerton who regularly sends students from their Aikido classes to ours to get a taste of what a traditional Aikido dojo is like.  Cal State Fullerton students, please download and fill out a copy of our waiver before you come come to class:


If you are curious and want to see what a class is like feel free to stop by, our class schedule is shown here.  You can also download our brochure that has a copy of our schedule as well as some additional information about Aikido and our dojo:

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