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Aikido for Kids & Teens

Our Children's Program

Orange County Aiki Kai has a very active junior’s program, which focuses on teaching the fundamentals of mat safety, anti-bullying and Aikido techniques while creating a fun and stimulating learning environment.  Through the practice of aikido, children acquire important life skills that can't be learned in books.  We stress self discipline in the dojo and teach physical fitness and coordination, students also learn the value of focus and awareness of their surroundings at home and school.  


Kids Training Q & A

At what age are children accepted into classes?

We normally recommend that kids begin their training at seven years or above, as by this age they are generally able to listen to and follow instructions.


Can parents and children participate on the mat together?

Yes.  In fact our school encourages parents and child to train together.  Registered parents may join their kids on the mat, although we focus much of our effort on children working together.


Differences in the training of boys versus girls?

Girls and boys mature physically, intellectually and emotionally at different rates.  The instructors do their best to provide instruction which benefits all students attending class.  We often pair older, more mature children with younger ones to help them with body movement.


What does a “typical” class consist of?

All classes begin with warm up and stretching to minimize the potential for injury.  This is followed by Aiki Taiso, which are the basic Aikido exercises designed to stretch joints and reinforce the movements fundamental to Aikido techniques.


What benefit will my child gain from Aikido?

One of the most important things taught is respect, for the place of learning, for the teacher and the parent.  The child will learn balance, and self-control and situational awareness.  With these skills come self-confidence.  Most importantly, the principles of Aikido will reinforce the concept of harmony, which then focuses on peaceful, rather than violent, resolution to conflict.

Children's Programs 

Monthly fees are $189/month (+ a one-time $50 registration fee). Additional family members join at a discount.

Click below for details and to sign up!

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